Spring Powerwashing Tips

Spring is just around the corner! After that harsh winter, what better way to start the season than with a clean exterior. With everything from snow, to -7 degrees to 86 mph wind, your home has more than likely gotten very dirty over the course of the winter.

You have decided to hire a cleaning contractor in your area, here is what to look for when looking for qualified professionals and selecting the right one.

* Insured- This mainly protects you as the homeowner. If something were to happen on the job site, with a UN-insured contractor the homeowner would be held responsible in court of law. Often times, contractors will carry a copy of this with them.

* Licensed- Make sure that your cleaning contractor carries the proper licensees for your town or city. Some cities, do not require any special licensing for pressure washing services.

* Use of low pressure- This new use of chemicals to clean the exteriors of homes has become very popular among contractors. The use of low pressure allows all types of exteriors to be cleaned with 60-100 psi. This prevents any damage that high-pressure cleaning can cause.

* Background Check- Many companies now run full background checks on all of their employes. Often times, employees will show up with a name tag and proof of clean background.

* Specify- Don’t forget to specify what you are looking for in a contractor. Whether it be, roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, deck restoration or concrete cleaning. Some contractors may specialize in one service, but not the other.

* Ask what is involved in standard house wash. Some companies may charge for a premium but only provide the basic wash job. Some of the areas covered may include siding, foundation,soffets and gutters.

*Discounts- %75 of jobs come from referrals, ask if there are group rates for neighbors and you may receive a substantial discount. Also, asking for a discount on multiple services is a common offer in the pressure washing service.

*Warranty- Does the company offer any type of warranty for the work provided? On average, a roof cleaning comes with a 2 year warranty. Exterior Cleaning comes with no warranty, and a deck cleaning and staining comes with a 1-2 year warranty depending upon the type of stain being used.

* Referrals- Most companies will have a list of clients who don’t mind speaking to you, to promote job well done, don’t be afraid to ask!

– After the work has been completed-

Once your contractor has completed the job, take a walk around the home to inspect for a thorough job and that no damage was done. Once the property is inspected, and payment received, attain a receipt.

When it comes to hiring a professional pressure washing company don’t forget these key points. Your home is your most valuable possession, get 2-3 quotes before deciding on a cleaning professional. Remember, your home is your largest, and most valuable asset!

-Lee Kendall
Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning

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